Veterans Of North Alabama
Services Assistance Program, Inc.

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Huntsville, AL 35816
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   Around the beginning of July, I had reached one of my lowest points. While out walking one day, I just happened by this new organization “Veterans of North Alabama Services Assistance Program, Inc.” and decided to stop in to see what they do to help veterans. Upon entering the office I noticed writing on the wall that said “Welcome. May all who come as guest leave as friends.” In my opinion they really live by this saying.

I was met with the utmost respect and kindness that I decided to sit and rest and ended up staying and talking with the people there for a while. They listened to my story and Jane, the president, made a list of things that she wanted me to get to work on. She even prioritized them in the order she wanted me to do them. This was a good thing because by that point my brain had stopped working. I felt beat down and in the depths of despair (some would call it “hitting rock bottom”). I had pretty much given up on getting my life under control. 

They welcomed me to come back anytime to use computers, phones, fax paper work or just and visit. Because of the worth they help me feel again, I started volunteering to assist in the office while still working on my own issues. I have enjoyed my experience with VON ASAP and hope others find their way to them.  

I have truly appreciated their professional assistance but was drawn to the family, welcoming atmosphere that was present. Thank you Jane and all the other volunteers at Veterans of North Alabama Services Assistance Program, Inc. for being a life changing force in my life.
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May all who come as guests leave as friends.”
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    As a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran I am pleased to know VON ASAP is nearby. Mrs Dow, the Director of VON ASAP amazes me with the support She provides to our Veterans and their Families. I am semi disabled and cannot drive. I had to beg and plead to get a ride to my VA Medical Appointments. A fellow Vietnam Veteran advised me to contact VON ASAP. 

Mrs. Dow made personal transportation arrangements so I could keep my Scheduled VA Health appointments. I discovered the multiple services VON ASAP provides and I remain astounded at how much they support Veterans and Families.....They accept unique Veteran challenges every day and somehow find a resource to provide assistance to Veterans and their Families. Their atmosphere is completely Veteran Friendly and supportive. VON ASAP has restored my faith in people who DO support Combat Veterans. SEMPER FIDELIS
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Richard "Bill" Fox is believed to be homeless and his brother who is in the hospital is searching for him. If you know where Bill can be reached, please call Morris at 256-777-3339. 
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